Other Companies - Theater is alive and well in the Southwest!

New Mexico and Arizona are home to extraordinary and dedicated theatrical talent. Some of the regional and community companies dedicated to making theater accessible to all are listed below. SCCT welcomes information about other groups.

ATC's productions exist in the here and now, but after a while they are no more, only to remain in the memories of the people who experience them. Imagine a few hundred people viewing a van Gogh, and then it gets lit on fire and is no more; that's what we kind of do. There is this sense of urgency to create the production the best you can in the time you have. That's when this idea of collective art kicks in. We all take part in creating the productions, and I do mean everybody, from the bookkeepers to the props artisan to the actors. There is no one individual who is responsible for the creations, but a collective of very talented individuals coming together working on the same story, same project, same dream, creating a work of art that lives in the here and now for our wonderful audience.
    — Brian Jerome Peterson, Resident Sound Designer, Arizona Theater Company

Aldo Leopold Charter School (ALCS)

SCCT was the co-sponsor for the ALCS school play "Do Over" an original play written,designed and directed by Scott Knight a faculty member at ALCS performed at the Webb Theater at Western New Mexico University on May 3rd and May 4th 2017.

We were very pleased to have participated in this endeavor by supplying the flats, programs, tickets, publicity, refreshments and SCCT volunteers. For more information visit www.aldocs.org.

ElSolVirus Theater

The Virus Theater is an energetic community troupe based in Silver City, New Mexico, committed to creating original works of theater pertinent to our lives and the lives of our local audience.   Through games, improvisation, exercise, and discussion, we collaboratively create our scripts - for over a decade  - in an exciting process of play and growth including music, dance, and comedy. Our stories delve humanity, community, and philosophy.

A new adventure! Fantastical director and multi-talented cast and crew take you on a magical journey filled with the Virus Theater traditions of slapstick, lip syncing, shadow puppetry, smashing the 4th wall, dark twists, interpretive dance, dream sequences, acrobatics, and ninja moves. virustheater@gmail.com | virustheater.com


404603_457521960965385_1703049201_nTheatre Group New Mexico

Theatre Group New Mexico is dedicated to enriching the cultural life of Grant County, our community, and our children by producing quality theater,  providing performing opportunities for regional and local talent of all ages, and offering theater education programs for our youth. 
PO Box 1436, Silver City, New Mexico 88062; TheaterGroupNM.org


theatre001No Strings Attached Theater Company

The Black Box Theater is home to the No Strings Attached Theater Company in Las Cruces, New Mexico, a community-based non-profit organization dedicated to expanding theatre horizons in Las Cruces. We are committed to collaborating with other theatre and arts groups and writers groups such as Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders, sponsoring new play readings and providing opportunity for the most promising plays to become rehearsed readings and fully staged co-productions. We envision our theatre as a place where student actors, designers, directors, and theatre artisans can refine their craft. No Strings Attached Theater Company

TheRogueLogoTnspRCB135hiThe Rogue Theatre

Our mission is to create the highest quality theatre possible, challenging, stretching, and invigorating our community. We emphasize LANGUAGE by placing primary value on quality language and literature, ENSEMBLE by developing performers who seek continuous improvement and creating an academy for training ourselves and emerging theatre artists, CHALLENGING IDEAS by presenting plays which offer complex and provocative points of view  related to important social, political, and personal issues. Tucson, Arizona |  TheRogueTheatre.org