The Productions


November 30 & December 1,2 7, 8, 9, 2018

Cast: Peter Fishburn/William Knuttinen, MaryAnn Marlar, Thomas Leeper, Liz Mikols, Greg Bond. Director: Wendy Spurgeon.
Producer: Hallie Harris.

Simultaneously horrifying and side-splitting, Ira Levin’s prize-winning comedy/murder mystery had audiences on the edge of their seats and laughing out loud. Performed at the Silver High School auditorium, Deathtrap was the sort of crowd-pleaser that lured theater-goers out in the dark of night, the cold of winter.


Relationships in Revue 

August 17, 18, 2018

Cast: Becky Carr, Thomas Leeper, Gaye Rock, Wendy Spurgeon, Bryce Wooten, Sherry Wooten, Director: Wendy Spurgeon

As an interim entertainment offering between major productions, SCCT mounted a funny, thought-provoking evening of music and drama celebrating the diversity of relationships. Performed at The Woman’s Club, both evenings boasted a full house and a very enthusiastic audience.

Spies Like Us 

March 16, 2018

Cast: Linda Browning, Kimber Etheredge, Sally Hagel, Ted Presler, Raoul Turrieta, Amber Westcott, Bryce Wooten. Director, Hallie Harris. Producer, William Knuttinen.

For the third year in a row SCCT partnered with the Silver City Rotary Club for its annual fund raiser dinner theater. Nefarious scientists, international jewel thieves, a missing Formula X, aliens, gunshots and catfights enlivened this audience participation whodunnit. Spies Like Us © Haley Productions.

A Murder is Announced 

February 23, 24, 25 & March 2, 3, 4, 2018

Cast: Wendy Spurgeon, Beck Carr, Theresa Murphy, Jake Sipko, Nikita Sanchez & Ariadna Tudela, Melinda McClanahan, Sierra Robinson, Linda Bluestone, Zane Lane, Thomas Leeper, Melvyn Gelb, Greg Bond. Director, Doc Campbell. Producer, Liz Mikols.

An announcement in the local paper states the time and place when a murder is to occur in Miss Blacklock's Victorian house. What follows is a classic Agatha Christie puzzle of mixed motives, concealed identities, mysterious deaths, with Miss Marple on hand to provide the final solution at some risk to herself in a dramatic confrontation just before the final curtain.

 Don't Drink the Water

November 10, 11, 12  &  17, 18, 19, 2017

Cast: Doug Abbott, Ted Presler, Liz Mikols, Aiden Nightingale, Becky Carr, Thomas Leeper, Erika Cox, Linda Callander, Melvyn Gelb, Theresa Murphy, Nikita Sanchez, Ed Lawrence, Louise Hummingbird, Sally Hagel, Krystal Dupree. Director Bryce Wooton. Susan Golightly-Stage Manager, Connie Downard-Makeup & Lights, Ted De Capiteau-Set Construction & Design, Owen Gray-Set Construction.

The US ambassador to an unnamed country behind the Iron Curtain leaves his post temporarily to his incompetent son. Chaos ensues as a family of American tourists seek refuge from the state police in the embassy. Junior-in-charge falls madly in love with the tourist daughter. The play, besotted with mirth from one daffy quip to the next as the satire builds, bubbling over with laughs. Author, Woody Allen; David Merrick, producer of the original Broadway production.

Who Invited Falstaff?  

August 18, 19 & 20, 2017

Cast: Linda Browning Callendar, Doug Abbott, Wendy Spurgeon, Liz Mikols, Robin Santa Teresa, Melvyn Gelb, Thomas Leeper. Author, Frost McGahey.

A Shakespearean version of the Academy Awards where Falstaff wreaks havoc, was a staged reading of Frost McGahey's play. This event entertained and informed those in attendance about the life and movies of Shakespeare. Directed by Wendy Spurgeon.

Acknowledgements: Dinner provided by the Food Co-op Market Cafe. Photos by Tyler Bingham.

Last of the Red Hot Lovers

April 28, 29, 2017

Cast: Linda Browning Callendar, Hallie Harris, Ted Presler, Wendy Spurgeon and Bruce Wilson. Director Wendy Spurgeon.

SCCT presented a lively staged reading of Neil Simon’s hilarious comedy at the Silver City Woman's Club as a “dinner theater” event. Set in the 1960’s, Barney Cashman is a middle-aged man who owns a fish restaurant in New York City and has been married to the same woman for 20 years. It’s the height of the sexual revolution, and Barney wants to participate (using his Mother’s NYC apartment) before it’s too late. Our audience enjoyed a delicious meal of fish, pulled pork, coleslaw and dessert, as well as a terrific performance. Licensed from Samuel French Inc.

Mafia Murders

January 6, 2017

As we did last year, Members of the Silver City Community Theater joined forces with the Silver City Rotary Club for a fund raiser dinner theater: Mafia Murders; a hilarious murder mystery, set in the roaring twenties.  Dinner guests joined the fun trying to identify the villain. Ensemble cast; directed by William Knuttinen. Mafia Murders © Haley Productions.

AndThenNone_actors And Then There Were None

July 15,16,17, 2016

Cast: Liz Mikols, Melvyn Gelb, Sally Hagel, Rebecca Carr, Rob Torres, Jake Sipko, Ted Presler, William Knuttinen, Theresa Murphy, Doug Abbott, Wendy Spurgeon, Raul Turietta. Director: Doc Campbell

Unable to secure a traditional performance space for this production, SCCT rented a former childcare center at the corner of 12th and West Streets dubbing it the West Street Playhouse. The combined efforts of a talented set designer and amazingly dedicated volunteers resulted in a viable venue for a thrilling murder mystery. Director, cast and production staff made it happen: a full house every night with an extra evening show needed to accommodate ticket holders.

Next of Kin

November 13, 2015

The Silver City Community Theater presented "Next of Kin" in conjunction with the Silver City Rotary Club. Attendees were challenged to identify the villain. The story is about a sickly patriarch's last wish, which is for his family to gather for what could be their last time together before he passes on. He must decide who will be the beneficiaries of his vast estate. Everyone who wants his money is quick to honor his dying wish. Next of Kin © Haley Productions, all Rights Reserved  (

days are as grassDays are As Grass

October 16,17,18 2015

Cast: Mary Ann Marler, Theresa Murphy, Liz Mikols, Doug Abbott, Ward Rudick, Rebecca Carr, Gwen Payne, Linda Bluestone, Linda Browning Allander, Ted Presler, Gred Bond, Jamille Rivera. Director: J.K. Ellis

Vacation, Life Time, The Days Are as Grass, Last Will and Testament, Jack and Jill, Sensations and The Last Word. A collection of stand-alone one-acts written by Carold Hall and designed to be performed as a single production explores the pathos and humor of ordinary lives: hope, memory, old friends, lost loves, and passage of time. Performed at WNMU Fine Arts Community Theater.

OvertheRiverOver the River and Through the Woods

June 12,13,14 2015

Cast: Rob Torres, Phyllis McQuaide, Melvyn Gelb, Dawn Byrum, Ted Presler, Rebecca Carr, Director: Doc Campbell

A comedy written by Joe DiPietro and set in New Jersey about a single Italian-American guy who loves his two sets of grandparents but not their determination to find him a nice girl to marry. Performed at WNMU’s Light Hall.

Plays_loveletters2013Love Letters

February 2015

Cast: Phyllis McQuaide, Jim McQuaide

Performed at both the First Church of Harmony and the Yankie Creek Coffee House, this play by A. R. Gurney was first performed in 1988 and became a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. A man and a woman, both born to wealth, are childhood friends whose lifelong correspondence begins with birthday party thank-you notes and summer camp postcards, and continues as letters exchanged over a lifetime.

TwilightChristmasA Twilight Christmas

December 2014

Cast: Greg Bond, MaryAnn Marlar, Owen Danan Martin, Jamille Rivera, Nadia Skye Nolan. Director: Randy Carr

An original one-act comedy written by Randy Carr, Jim Kelly, and Sharyn McDonald offers up a Twilight Zone scenerio: "What would happen if Santa and his Elves had to comply with the same laws, rules, and regulations that apply to modern corporations?" Performed for the general public at WNMU’s Light Hall and privately at the Silver City Woman’s Club.